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Hyde Park Half is a nonprofit, volunteer-based community center located in Inglewood, California. The goal of Hyde Park Half is to provide academic and artistic opportunities to the community, free of charge. Hyde Park Half also functions as a venue for artistic events and performances. Our mission is to create a safe environment for the creative and intellectual growth of area youths and young adults who might not otherwise enjoy such opportunities.



Hyde Park Half offers free academic tutoring and test-prep services to help local youths increase their academic standing and access greater opportunities after high school. Hyde Park Half also offers free programs in the arts including musical instrument instruction, music recording opportunities, visual art classes, and creative writing courses. Hyde Park Half maintains a fluid framework, changing and amending opportunities to fit community needs and interests as they arise.



Hyde Park Half maintains a safe, all-ages environment at all times. Violence, racism, sexism, homophobia, drugs, and alcohol are all strictly prohibited.



Hyde Park Half is collectively run and volunteer-based. It is staffed by educators, students, and artists from local universities, colleges, high schools, and outreach programs. All meetings are open to the public.



Click on the following link for a .pdf copy of our: Mission Statement

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